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Naked Biopic truth of Yves St. Laurent Hedonistic Life featured at Cannes Film Festival.

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yves st. laurent french fashion designerIt might come as a surprise in a film about a deceased fashion designer who spent vast amounts of his life thinking about couture, but one of the most, if not the most, memorable scenes in the new biopic, Saint Laurent, shows a young Yves Saint Laurent completely naked as he walks towards his partner, Pierre Bergé (clad in a black satin dressing gown that reveals his tanned behind), before the young lovers jump on the bed for a romp. Despite the provocative nature of this and other racy sex scenes in the film, which was directed by Bertrand Bonello (of Le Pornographe fame) and premiered at the Festival de Cannes on Saturday, the real controversy surrounding the production has to do with the clothing. What else!

Early on, the Bonello production incurred the wrath of Saint Laurent’s long-term partner Pierre Bergé, who threatened in WWD to sue the film if it copied any of the designer’s outfits—a bit hard to avoid when making a coming-of-age movie about YSL’s life and work.  The filmmakers, on their part, have accused Bergé of distributing letters to parties associated with the film to try to stop it. To this end, Bergé has refused to allow Bonello’s team to consult the brand’s archives. He also publically endorsed another biopic, Yves Saint Laurent, which debuted in January and was directed by Jalil Lespert. The Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent lent the rival film a reported 77 vintage outfits and Bergé helped conduct a scene depicting the legendary 1976 Ballet Russes fashion show. The resulting headlines in the French press declared war between the two films.

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PARIS: Gareth Pugh Spring/Summer 2014

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GarethPugh 00garethPugh 01

What can we say? Well, I’ll just go ahead and say it. FAN-TAB-U-LUST to Mr. Pugh! I simply consider this collection to be one of the most ‘original’ set of looks to date. Day, Evening & Formal wear, all put together. Go Gareth !!

gpBack in 2005, Gareth Pugh was living in a squat in London when all the important UK fashion magazines attached themselves to him like a Fred Perry-clad tumor. Fresh out of fashion school and an internship with Rick Owens, he was soon a style-page wank fantasy, representative of the type of hijinks English fashion clamors for. It was all justified. Gareth’s first shows featured inflatable outfits and light-strewn garments. Everyone in attendance over the age of 30 offered mealy-mouthed praise—like it was all very well and fun and diverting but ultimately fey and immature. Attendees under the age of 25, however, cheered the models and clothes down the runway, feeling like somebody had finally reinvented fashion for the 21st century and rescued us all from retro regurgitation. Six years on, fashion sites are overflowing with photos of androgynous kids addicted to black who look just like Pugh. His line garners the type of attention and praise usually reserved for the vaunted and dusty old guard. He shows annually in Paris and New York, working and hanging out with all the ritziest fashion people, like Karl Lagerfeld and Mario Testino. We’ve known him for a while, though, so we persuaded him to take a few minutes for the following little chat

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PARIS F/W Spring 2014 starts today

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paris fashion weekPARIS FASHION WEEK starts today – an epic nine-day-long marathon that ends next Wednesday. It’s the mother of all fashion capitals, the home of fashion’s biggest and oldest names, from Chanel and Dior to Balenciaga and Givenchy. If energy levels are beginning to wane among the fashion press, who have now been on the move for three weeks, Paris is always certain to inject a new verve. –> Instagrams of #PFW

The action gets underway today with Anthony Vaccarello – who is rumoured to be Versus’s next collaborator. His sexy, skin-tight dresses are a given though, and we look forward to seeing them worn by his model muse, Karlie Kloss, who is a regular on his catwalk. Wednesday’s big show is Rochas and all eyes will be on creative director Marco Zanini, who is rumoured to be leaving for recently-revived fashion house Schiaparelli.

CoCo CHANEL Best Quotes

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Endlessly Quotable Chanel

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself,” Coco Chanel once said, adding, after a beat, “Aloud.” The legendary designer did exactly that for most of her life, which meant that she became not only one of the world’s strongest forces in fashion, but also one of its most quoted citizens. In honor of her Aug. 19 birthday, here’s a look back at our favorite of her many declarations.

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Paris Fashion Week: CELINE show impresses Anna Wintour

Pheobe Philo presents a Haute Couture collection of ingenious yet simple clothes.

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Model walking the runway in Paris at Celine Fall 2012*. Photo: Celine

Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2012: Anna Wintour was overheard saying at the Celine presentation. “Can you please ensure all fashion shows are like this?”  “This” being a tiny gathering of 30 editors; Paris Haute Couture fashion designer, Phoebe Philo at the door personally greeting everyone and looking much more at ease than she has in the past, when she has been coralled in the middle of a crush of admirers backstage at Celine’s bigger shows. The designer is due to give birth to her third child next month – a boy – and perhaps it was an extra need for calm that prompted this new approach. Whatever, the white cube of a room, with its polished concrete floors suited Philo’s almost-cube shapes. It would be fascinating to see her drawings: do they resemble a child’s first blocky scribbles? The concept for this fashion week collection – rectangular tops and masculine trousers with low crotches – was certainly boxy. Add leather – the fabric of the season – to the equation and you have the components for a entire warehouse of cardboard packing cases. [Paris Fashion Week: Celine autumn/winter 2012 in pictures] Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week: ‘Alber Elbaz’ at LANVIN a decade

Fashion Week show a Perfect Ten – Marking ten years at Lanvin, creative fashion director Alber Elbaz celebrated with some of his “greatest hits” for the label’s fall 2012 collection show. From sculpted silhouettes to jewel encrusted garments at this fall 2012 fashion

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Animal Rights [PETA] No matter at Fendi Milan F/W show.

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Animal rights activists will be up in arms after seeing the Fendi show today at Milan Fashion Week. While fur has been a big trend this season, the Italian label unveiled a collection of pelts that featured in almost every look. From antelope to goat, mink to crocodile – it seems no hide was spared.

Animal Fur. Are you fur real? Fendi unveil a collection of animal pelts at their Autumn/Winter show at Milan Fashion Week. Models wore braided hair – lending a tribal feel but it failed to camouflage the amount of animal skin on display. Even handbags and iPad cases were fashioned using fur. No stranger to controversy, designer Karl Lagerfeld will no doubt have little regard for Peta’s opinion. A spokesperson for The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal said: ‘Fashion should be fun, and there’s nothing fun about draping models in skins torn from the backs of an animal who may have been alive and able to experience every agonizing second of it. So much for Fun fashion! Continue reading

Antonio Lopez Fashion Illustrator

©ourtesy of theloupe.org – Tear -sheets I ripped out of Depeche Mode Magazine (circa early 70′s) amongst my stuff . Antonio was the most admired illustrator of his time .He worked for  all the international Vogue’s ,Harper’s Bazaar,Interview,New York Times, Anna Piaggi’s Vanity and Sportsgirl (Australia). The snap ( 1975?)  below taken during the Paris collections shows Antonio in his typical upbeat mode. Chap with the interesting jacket is British artist David Hockney. Continue reading