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Famous Fashion Illustrators

Fashion Illustrators PAST & PRESENT!

The MASTER: Antonio Lopez [1943-1987]

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  Japanese Fashion Illustrator, ISAO

Isao Yakima Japanese artist Isao Yakima Japanese artist Isao Yakima Japanese artist Isao Yakima Japanese artist Isao Yakima Japanese artist

 British Illustrator David Downton

 fashion FASHION ILLUSTRATIONist  illustration artist  fine artist

 Los Angeles native, Tony Viramontes (1960-1988)

Fashion Planet Fashion Illustration HOT cinema, magazines, art & free film moda work drawing cinema cinema specific illustration


             Stephen Stipelman

Costume Stylist. Fashion UK Illustrator Stylist. Fashion Stylist.


Fashion net

Rodger Duncan

past and present

Carl Erickson

carl erickson

Lawrence Mynott

drawing sketches

Tim Sheaffer

Fashion net

Kenneth Paul Block

sketches drawing

Rene Gruau

past and present


We miss you ANTONIO!

fashion illustrator artist sketches

:: Thanks to the Publishers

of these marvelous Drawings ::


©Thames and Hudson Ltd., London

(Book Title: Fashion Illustration Today by Nicholas Drake)

©Schirmer Art Books

(Book Title: Antonio | 60 * 70 * 80|)



3 thoughts on “Famous Fashion Illustrators

  1. Thank you for following me at Triggershorse. – Fawn

  2. we just honored antonio lopez at our annual gala. he was a great illustrator!

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! : )

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