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Tiffany & Co. created beauty in the most unlikely of places — a construction site

©ourtesy of Architectural Digest
Text by Stephanie Schomer | Photos by  Sean Sullivan for Tiffany & Co.

Fashion illustrator Danny Roberts—the talent behind the blog Igor + André—supersized his runway-inspired portraits in a glamorous party scene applied to the temporary plywood façade of Tiffany & Co.’s SoHo store.

Tiffany & Co.’s latest New York outpost—located in a space that spans a SoHo block between Greene and Wooster Streets—boasts interiors featuring elements designed by an impressive array of artisans including Michele Oka Doner and John Opella, resulting in a boutique that combines luxury and exquisite craftsmanship. While under construction, Tiffany had commissioned four artists to create original artwork on the plywood exterior surrounding the building. Their inspiration? True love. Each artist’s mural was displayed for two weeks, at which point the wooden canvas was reused by the next.

Artist Danielle Dimston communicated her interpretation of love through drawings and text.
Ellis Gallagher, who is widely known for his New York City sidewalk-chalk drawings, transferred his signature style to this mural. Raindrop-shaped characters represent the four forms of love—agape, philea, storge, and eros—as defined by the ancient Greeks.
A painter and graphic designer, Natasha Law—who happens to be actor Jude’s older sister—portrayed the universal search for love.

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