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Collection of London trends

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Who: Issa

What: A riot of color and explosion of a London Garden of Eden fashion prints on lust-worthy, super-swishy maxi dress, tiered smocks and caftans, garnished with oversize and extended Hawaiian princess style orchid bloom hair adornments and smacking hues of red, pink and purple on lips. You can’t get more tropical than this from Rio de Janeiro born fashion designer Daniella Helayel.

Highlight collection: The red, green and yellow toucan print maxi dress worn by model du jour, Jourdan Dunn. Trending at London Fashion Week for Spring 2013

Who:Tahir Sultan

What: Marrying glamour with a everyday aesthetic, for London SS’13, fashion designer Tahir Sultan embellished beautifully fluid suits with studs, as to form a spine down the wearers back. Soft knits embellished with chain detailing; zingy pink and lime particularly caught our eye, paired with soft grey and charcoal hued structured blazers. Much emphasis was given to dressing below the waist, with colour-pop harem pants, Forties-inspired wide-leg trouser, and a show-stopping fringed skirt, paired with a blazer and emerald green heels, added after-hours drama to  a daytime dress.

Highlight collection: A black, low-tiered evening dress gown with feather and beaded fringing detail.

To summarize collection: This London fashion collection “dedicated to the secret few who know that nothing is more fashionable than just being yourself” certainly justified the underlying ease and freedom that shone through the glamorous silhouettes.

Who: Jeffrey Michael

What: The London fashion collection titled “From the Water” looked to “a woman emerging from the waves and seafoam at midnight” took a fun-injected approach to the aquatic theme evident in the spring/summer 2012 fashion collections. A color palette of bubblegum pink, purple and ocean blue came with 3D fish-gill like detailing on dress corsets. Jeffrey Michael’s signature triangle print dress was fashioned to resemble scales, splashed across cropped halter necks and strapless bodies; a stunning corset embellished entirely with sea shells left us speechless, and flippy pleated skirts completed the London fashion week look.

Highlight collection: Faux butterfly embellished dress in an oxidized red hue, complete with a large model butterfly held skilfully between the model’s lips.

To summarize collection: An experimental yet wearable summer dress collection, particularly for the demi couture fashion lover. Who: House of Holland

What: Fashion Inspired by “grunge, glamour and glory…The 90s – fashions forgotten decade”, Henry Holland’s fashionable take on the nineties had us impatiently counting the days down till next summer! Presenting a palette of burgundy, chartreuse and gunmetal dress; the House of Holland SS’13 girl dress has developed “an attitude problem” – evident in the unconventional floral jacquard fabric and crystal embellishments witnessed on the humble-but-street beanie. A moody-yet-skippy palette of metallic floral jacquard, oversize shadow checks, shibori leather and embellished tie dye silks made for a fun, rather than historically accurate take on the era which holds for Henry many sweet fashion memories.

Highlight collection: A metallic floral jacquard fashion parka was an unexpected take on a classic.

To summarize collection: A tongue-in-cheek take on nineties grunge style that is defined more by the wearer than the era.

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