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Ichiro Suzuki, Royal College of Arts Designer in the UK


Ichiro Suzuki, Graduate – This British fashion collection has a fashion designer with a genius in mind. With graphic prints and beautiful 3-D elements, Ichiro Suzuki created something truly bold and innovative. From pixels and fur to 3-D cubes on blazers, whilst eccentric there is an intelligent design that is admirable. You can be bold and still retain a sense of conservatism Suzuki emphasized. British fashion definitely rocks with the help of Ichiro Suzuki.

The RCA MA British fashion show offered truly innovative and inspired designs, bringing a fresh new perspective on what British fashion is today. From hyper prints to futuristic goth’s and even underwater inspired clothing all made for a year of exciting and promising designers. One of the key ideas coming from these budding British fashion designers was the idea of volume within the silhouettes, both menswear and womens. Shapes were larger, 3-D and geometric, pushing fashion into new territories. Texture clashing also seemed popular with wool, fur, leather, and all arrays of knitwear parading down the catwalk. It seems this year’s climate shock has also had an influence on the designs as utility style clothing was upgraded into high fashion categories. See below for our extensive review of those who showed this year.


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