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Marc Jacobs Winter 2012-13 Collection

©ourtesy of designandculturebyed New York 2012/2013 Fashion Week: The Winter Collection by New York based designer, Marc Jacobs was really … Crazy! It was like 18-17th century fashion mixed with 21st century street style! This fashion week show hosted lots of colors, interesting patterns and some funny looking heels. And the best of all were the too big sized hats made out of fur or other materials. It is worth to mention that the coats that are presented will be the most hottest pieces for winter. Bohemian story through the New York designer Marc Jacobs, who presented his latest collection autumn / winter 2012-2013 in the last Fashion Week in New York.

This fashion week proposal was characterized by the combination of patterns and textures that gave life to the cool color palette, very ad hoc with the seasons representing, his main sources of inspiration were the films of Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins, and the work of cartoonist Dr. Seuss, known for his portrayal of the Cat in the Hat. The hats, designed by Stephen Jones, were the stars, large pieces of mohair and velvet adorned the heads of the models, the mad hatter style, becoming the main accessory in the fashion week collection. The furs, fabrics, prints or shawl way, were the main garment, above the dresses or pants. Finally, shoes, decorated with flowers and crystal stone buckles, copied the style of the film’s most famous nanny, Mary Poppins, and footwear used by early settlers of Plymouth in the United States. Moreover, the scene of the catwalk complemented the theatrical atmosphere. The artistand friend of Marc Jacobs, Rachel Feinstein, was commissioned to design the scenery depicting a ruined castle built entirely with paper. Related articles

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