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Pop-up store L’ILE AUX ASHBY’s debut fashion show

A Pop Up store is what happens when you mash up fashion, art and photography together? That’s right, you’ll get L’ILE AUX ASHBY’s Pop-Up store features all sorts of fashion designers! Debuting as a standalone pop-up store for the first time, L’ILE AUX ASHBY by Rayson Tan, pioneered as one of the most promising fashion designers label whose printed fabrics are a hit in Singapore, has curated a singular event at Glamour Inc fashion Showroom yesterday, showcasing an exclusive preview to his Pre-Spring 2013 collection and his past collection of accessories and clutches- all very noteworthy and statement-making for fashionistas and fashionistos alike at this NEW Pop-Up store. Started as an accessories label initially, L’ILE AUX ASHBY has cleverly introduced a range of printed apparels that were indeed derivatives of his accessories range at the Blueprint 2012 trade show earlier in May 2012 to a rave review, especially when fashion goers turned up at Audi Fashion Show Festival 2012 in his clothes and were snapped by numerous street photographers, both local and overseas, including the famed Tokyo-based street fashion photographer Rei Shito herself expressing her love for his prints from fashion show! And indeed, yesterday was one event where people who attended had a chance to see and pre-order his brand new Pre-Spring 2013 collection that consists of fashion designers tops, dresses and new item- skirts made in 100% silk. The colors of this new range may not be as vibrant as the 2012 range, but they are absolutely ideal for those who are not so loud at heart, but would love to wear the prints in a subtle manner. Pop-up store also features a selection of covetable sunnies from fashion designers, Henry Holland for Le Specs, and more notably, funky fashion designers collaborations from all walks of life, namely a series of street photography that highlights the brand’s clothing line by STREET PEEK x L’ILE AUX ASHBY, a fantastical series of digital fashion illustrations by HEAGE x L’ILE AUX ASHBY, a series of mixed media hand-drawn fashion show illustrations that incorporates the prints from the brand by IZZIYANA SUHAIMI x L’ILE AUX ASHBY and a one-of-a-kind quirky nail art service that graphic-fies your nails by REBECCA CHUANG x L’ILE AUX ASHBY. Of course, not forgetting a kooky graphic art exhibit by COUTURE TROOPERS x L’ILE AUX ASHBY that involves an explosion of our trooper robots in the premises of the fashion show room as well as surrounding the L’ILE AUX ASHBY’s mannequins. We even initiated a ‘Spot the trooper robots’ plan on our instagram for fun-sake! All thanks to our graphic designer, Zureena Wahap who has hand-drawn all these trooper robots fashion show. :: ©ourtesy of Couture Troopers


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