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Fashion Week AU

©ourtesy of Jayson Brunsdon @ NationalTimesAU

Fashion Week is a seasonal industry. But unlike in the natural world, fashion’s seasons move with the times. Fashion Designers used to put clothes from our spring and summer collections into the stores when the weather got warm, but now we put them into stores in the middle of winter. And we put winter clothes into stores in the middle of summer. This, I believe, is just symptomatic of society at large. Everything has sped up. People have shorter concentration spans and want to see something new on a regular basis. The stores have to give their customers a constant flow of fresh stock to entice them to buy.When it comes to a clothing line, change is central to fashion brands; it is what keeps it exciting. But fashion’s shifting seasons outfit ideas are one example of how coming up with new outfit ideas twice a year is no longer enough for the industry to keep thriving clothing line. Sometimes bigger structural changes are needed, and this is one of those times.  Next year, Fashion Week may move forward two months to get in sync with the industry’s new ”seasons”, bringing forward the annual cycle of Australia’s designers. Collections now need to be shown earlier than May to give fashion designers enough time to produce the dress code for clothes and get them into stores in July and August. IMG Fashion, the organisers of Fashion Week, consulted fashion designers last year about the timing issue. I think, overall, the view is that the event needs to be moved forward if it’s going to be a spring/summer showcase. The other important thing for Fashion Week Australia is that Australian magazine editors who travel overseas for the international shows are back in town in time for our event, and international buyers and media can also get there. If the Paris shows end in early March, then late March would be perfect timing for Sydney fashion week. The event is more important than ever as a branding exercise for Australian fashion designers, as we are becoming more focused on our particular niche to fend off competition from the likes of Zara and other foreign raiders. Over the past five years, the internet has made fashion week  more of an entertainment than a commercial industry. Everyone can see live online what’s going on at the Paris shows outfit ideas. They can even watch it live from their phone. When it comes down to it, most designers today are really showing for the media, and for the audience outside the tent. The event is about branding as much as it is about selling clothes to buyers from stores. Most of us have already sold the season by the time we get around to Fashion Week. However, the branding opportunities that result from Fashion Week are just as crucial as the sales that result. I have a cheaper diffusion line and a homewares line, for example, so showing my main collection at Fashion Week is about getting my name out there. People see the $1000 dresses but they might later go into Myer and see a plate with my name on it and that’s what the show is about. Also, it is prohibitively expensive to show overseas. You need your own team, a casting agent, press and sales agents and you have to take all the clothes with you. I showed in New York four times before the global financial crisis hit. We would carry the entire collection with us on the plane because we were scared of sending it by courier. What if it got lost? We were better off risking being stopped by customs. So we sat on the plane for 24 hours in a sweat. Then there is the added competition from high street brands such as Zara, which is challenging for our fashion designers because they’re designer looks but extremely inexpensive. People aren’t as loyal to brands as they were in the past. They’re shopping online, getting great bargains and deals. It focuses the mind and forces the designer to concentrate on their strengths. You really need to know who your customer is, what she wants, where she’s going and how she’s wearing it. And you need to show people how you are different. It’s vital for local fashion designers that we get Fashion Week in Australia right. But there are signs it will evolve, as these discussions have already begun with the event organisers. :: Jayson Brunsdon is a Sydney fashion designer – – Read more:


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