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Animal Rights [PETA] No matter at Fendi Milan F/W show.

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Animal rights activists will be up in arms after seeing the Fendi show today at Milan Fashion Week. While fur has been a big trend this season, the Italian label unveiled a collection of pelts that featured in almost every look. From antelope to goat, mink to crocodile – it seems no hide was spared.

Animal Fur. Are you fur real? Fendi unveil a collection of animal pelts at their Autumn/Winter show at Milan Fashion Week. Models wore braided hair – lending a tribal feel but it failed to camouflage the amount of animal skin on display. Even handbags and iPad cases were fashioned using fur. No stranger to controversy, designer Karl Lagerfeld will no doubt have little regard for Peta’s opinion. A spokesperson for The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal said: ‘Fashion should be fun, and there’s nothing fun about draping models in skins torn from the backs of an animal who may have been alive and able to experience every agonizing second of it. So much for Fun fashion!
Love the ANIMAL skin you’re in? It seemed no animal was spared as antelope, goat and mink were used
 Fendi Fendi
Even accessories were animal themed with crocodile print tights and fur handbags. ‘Today there are countless luxurious and humane fashion alternatives to real fur, which is why truly creative and talented designers, including Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Marc Bouwer, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein, all refuse to use fur in their fashion show collections. ‘Even Karl Lagerfeld used faux fur in his autumn 2010 collection – proving that you can have a look that kills without killing an animal.’ Despite Italy’s current economic crisis, luxury fashion houses are keen to prove money is no object at Milan this week. After yesterday’s opulent Gucci fashion show and today’s luxeuy collection , it seems they have succeeded. Other labels also showing this at Milan Fashion Week include Prada, Versace and Giorgio Armani.
 Milan Fashion WeekFendiFendi
Home of fur: Milan has never shied away from using animal skin

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