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Animal Rights [PETA] No matter at Fendi Milan F/W show.

©Story courtesy of Maysa Rawi | DailyMail.co.uk


Animal rights activists will be up in arms after seeing the Fendi show today at Milan Fashion Week. While fur has been a big trend this season, the Italian label unveiled a collection of pelts that featured in almost every look. From antelope to goat, mink to crocodile – it seems no hide was spared.

Animal Fur. Are you fur real? Fendi unveil a collection of animal pelts at their Autumn/Winter show at Milan Fashion Week. Models wore braided hair – lending a tribal feel but it failed to camouflage the amount of animal skin on display. Even handbags and iPad cases were fashioned using fur. No stranger to controversy, designer Karl Lagerfeld will no doubt have little regard for Peta’s opinion. A spokesperson for The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal said: ‘Fashion should be fun, and there’s nothing fun about draping models in skins torn from the backs of an animal who may have been alive and able to experience every agonizing second of it. So much for Fun fashion! Continue reading

London Fashion Week Designers sportswear trends

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Erin Mullaney cut her fashion teeth at Selfridges and Browns, iconic U.K. stores known for their cutting-edge mix of luxury designers. It’s no wonder then the current fashion and brand director for new luxury e-tailer Avenue 32 has a penchant for fashion forward looks. We caught up with Ms. Mullaney at the end of London Fashion Week to make use of her expert eye for fashion, which that morning had paired leather trousers with a leopard-print crombie. London designers remained avant garde with their collections.

What were your highlights this season? The usual suspects. London Fashion Week Continue reading

Fashion Design Competition Seeks Submissions

DIY IOU/Screen capture

Design for IOU Project is the fashion label that aims to connect consumers directly to artisan producers, and together with Summer Rayne OakesSource4Style is hosting DIY With IOU – a sustainable fashion design competition to find the next designer for the “Made in NYC” Capsule Collection. IOU project wants to tell the stories of individual fashion pieces of clothing, and in this way connect designers, producers, and consumers – sort of a sustainable fashion Etsy. Source4Style, on the other hand, is concentrated of creating the infrastructure necessary fashion design for designers to have access to the most sustainable materials to use in fashion, as well as connecting consumers to the greenest clothing available. DIY With IOU is the perfect marriage of the two organizations’ aims and goals. As Summer Rayne Oakes describes it, the winning entry will be produced for next year’s spring/summer fashion design collection. Continue reading

CDG Honors Dragon Tattoo for Excellence

"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
Baldur Bragason/Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc.

Excellence in honoring the usual suspects at its 14th Costume Designers Guild Awards Tuesday night, the guild focused its spotlight on three movies that haven’t gotten as much attention this awards season for costume design: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 [Fantasy Film] and W.E.. Of the three films, only W.E., along with its designer Arianne Phillips, is nominated for the Academy Award for costume design. At the CDG Awards, the Madonna-directed movie about the love affair between King Edwar VIII and Wallis Simpson, earned the trophy for excellence in period film, beating out such nominees as The Artist, Jane Eyre, The Help and Hugo. Continue reading