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Everyone Amazed by ‘Shen Yun’

Costume Designer & Koto Player at Shen Yun Performing Arts performed in Nagoya, Japan on Friday.


Kyoko Shimazawa is a ballet costume designer. She praised the beauty of the dancers.

[Kyoko Shimazawa, Ballet Costume Designer]:
“I was delighted by how beautiful everyone was, as if everyone had the same beautiful face. Everyone was the same height too. Also, I felt the dancers were truly professional and practiced a whole lot. There wasn’t a single person who made a mistake, and they were beautifully synchronized.” Ms. Shimazawa said she was surprised by the backdrop.

[Kyoko Shimazawa, Ballet Costume Designer]:
“The background screen was surprising. The screen would be moving then the animated character on screen would pop out on the stage. This melding of the background and stage performance was wonderful.”

Tamiko Asai is a musician. She plays the koto, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument, so was naturally interested in the Shen Yun orchestra.

[Tamiko Asai, Japanese Koto Player]:
“The live combination of the orchestra and stage performance, working as one is what made the performance so outstanding. It looked so difficult, but because they were able to put it together, it was fabulous.”

She said she wished everyone could see Shen Yun.

[Tamiko Asai, Japanese Koto Player]:
“If everyone saw this performance, I think this world would be better place. This is how I felt after seeing the show. It was wonderful.”

[Tamiko Asai, Japanese Koto Player]:
“As a human being, there is a very important concept of heart, technique, and physique. These important qualities were fully a part of the show. As a human being, I think these three qualities are the most important form. I hope everyone can see the show.”

NTD News, Nagoya, Japan.


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