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Costume Designer Pierre-Yves Gayraud for Film, ‘Albert Nobbs

Albert Nobbs is a film that has been in the making since Glenn Close starred in the 1982 off- Broadway stage production adapted from George Moore’s short story. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia, Close’s sensitive portrayal of a woman disguising herself as a man in order to find employment and survive in 19th century Ireland is both eccentric and poignant. Helping to bring the man’s world of 19th century Ireland to life is costume designer  Pierre-Yves Gayraud. Gayraud has been splashing films with his costume design in France since the ’90s, where he received a nomination in 1993 for the Cesar Award for Indochine (1992). Stateside, he has worked on The Bourne Identity (2002) and the upcoming Cloud Atlas. – – more


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