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Renaissance Fashion & Fencing

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Partial Armour, Italian, C.1570-90. ©Permission of the Trustees of the Wallace Collection.

LONDON.- Witness the cutting edge of fashion as you’ve never seen it before! This exhibition tells the untold story of this fascinating and little known area of Renais- sance art: revealing the fantastically skilled artistry behind the rapier; at once a weapon, fashion item, and rich jewellery object; representing the rise of a new and upwardly mobile middle class, sixteenth-century con- cepts of masculinity and the emergence of the duel of honour. Summer 2012 represents the perfect opportunity to investigate the historical and social development of the ancient art of sword-fighting. The modern sport of fencing is one of the nine original Olympic sports but is also a piece of a much older story which began with the Renais- sance fashion for carrying and fighting with swords in everyday life. A man of means in the sixteenth century went nowhere without his sword, and was always prepared to use it. – – Read more

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  1. Sounds like an amazing exhibit! I think I’d drool over everything though…