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Rachel Zoe Holiday Tips

The stylist-turned-reality-show-star visited New York this week on behalf of Piperlime, the footwear and apparel e-commerce site for which she is a celebrity guest editor. We took her appearance as a chance to pose some of our holiday style questions—and asked her BFF/makeup-and-hair-guru Joey Maalouf for a winter beauty tip while we were at it (hint: focus on the lips). Edited excerpts:

WSJ: What is one chic piece that women should invest in this season?

RZ: There are too many things to name, but I think a great faux fur is a great thing to buy. It doesn’t go out of style, it’s so luxurious, you can throw it over jeans and a T-shirt but you can also wear it with a cocktail dress, what’s so great about it.

WSJ: Do you have any tips on giving clothing as a holiday gift?

RZ: The people that you’re giving clothing to, you should know them well. You should give them a great sweater or a little jacket is great, because the fit isn’t as tricky. But it’s hard to give someone a pair of jeans. That’s tricky. With shoes, I’ve given shoes a lot, but you have to know that person’s size. It has to be, like, your best friend. – – read more Tips


Divine Design [Project Angel Food, L.A.] to honor Viola Davis, Patricia Field, Thomas Keller

Project Angel Food's annual Divine Design fundraiser in Los Angeles will honor Viola Davis, Patricia Field and Thomas Keller
It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 20th anniversary of Divine Design, the annual gala fundraiser and six-day shopping extravaganza with proceeds benefiting Project Angel Food. Serving all of Los Angeles County, Project Angel Food is dedicated to delivering nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. In 2010, Project Angel Food cooked and delivered more than 735,000 meals. Left photo: Viola Davis at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Governors Awards on Nov. 12. Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Center photo: Patricia Field at King of Joseon in New York — A Night of Celebrity, Korean Couture and Cuisine at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Oct. 3. Credit: Andy Kropa / Getty Images Right photo: Thomas Keller. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

For information and tickets, go to the Divine Design website – story by Booth Moore

Film ‘The Help’ Costume Designer

By Michelle Paradis [BTL]
When costume designer Sharen Davis read The Help years ago, she immediately felt a deep connection with the book. “I loved the book so much, it was really serendipitous,” Davis says about getting on board as the costume designer of the 1960s era film about African-American maid’s experiences working for white families during the civil rights movement. Davis’ work on the film helped breathe life to each character who are all represented so well, as if they were visualized and the facets of their personalities were put to fabric. The splashes of color on each character speak volumes about who they are. Skeeter (Emma Stone), the idealistic heroine of the film who refuses to get married like the rest of the “proper girls” of her time, dons Peter Pan collars, shirt-dresses and plaids. Hilly (Bryce Dallas Howard), the insecure schemer who will do anything to secure her social standing in town and keep things the way they are wears the brightest florals and the loudest bows. Elizabeth (Ahna O’ Reilly), the girl who isn’t capable of mothering her own children and stands by submissively as everything unfolds, wears more muted florals. The camera introduces Celia (Jessica Chastain) the girl living on the outskirts of town looking in, feet first, clad in sky high platforms before panning to her bare legs and revealing her fitted romper. – – Read more about Sharen

View ‘ELLE’S List’ of Most Beautiful in the U.S. of A.

Topping the List is Actor ‘Channing Tatum

America the Beautiful We searched from coast to coast to find the loveliest celebrity native of each state in the union (plus the District of Columbia!). Click through to find out which Hawaii native has dual citizenship, and which denizen of the Dakotas is a die-hard Steeler’s fan.  By Kat Thomsen and Nojan Aminosharei

America the Beautiful

ELLE searched from coast to coast to find the loveliest celebrity native of each state in the union (plus the District of Columbia!). Click through to find out which Hawaii native has dual citizenship, and which denizen of the Dakotas is a die-hard Steeler’s fan.

By Kat Thomsen and Nojan Aminosharei


Trussardi is a by word for excellence, discreet sophistication, experimentation and innovation. Trussardi Group was founded in Bergamo by Dante Trussardi in 1911 and it is specialized in luxury clothing and accessories for men and women. Through the involvement and the collaboration of some of the most talented voices of today’s world, Trussardi has become of the most innovative brands of the international arena in the most significant fields of Made in Italy: fashion, art, food and design. With the solid roots of the Italian artisanal tradition, transmitted from generation to generation, Trussardi is active in the fashion world with the brands Trussardi 1911, Tru Trussardi and Trussardi Jeans. – – more

Prominent Fashion Illustrators

Fashion Illustrators are fun, quirky and *gasp! fashion conscious! That’s what I used to think, but today I am not very sure which artist is a fashion illustrator, they all seem to create art and most of them do digital art for comic books, children illustrations and all the other inspirations that make their day. And I believe, to categorize any artist as a fashion illustrator just because ONE of their works was used for fashion is ridiculous. A true fashion illustrator, in my opinion live,drink and sleep fashion.

Therefore, I now present to you important fashion illustrators that can wow your day.
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