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Costumer ‘Mari Shimazaki’ designs Video Costumes

Just before this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Namco announced that in addition to their internal Project Soul development team, three external developers were helping create Soul Calibur V — CyberConnect2 on the story, and Creative Intelligence Arts/Forcewick Sound Design on the audio. And now they’re adding one more to that list, with Bayonetta character designer Mari Shimazaki contributing costumes. Namco calls her a “guest costume designer,” keeping the terminology they use for “guest characters” like Ezio in SCV.

Mari Shimazaki told me via email she originally met SCV’s art director at a party, mentioned she was looking forward to the game, and then when she became a freelancer, found herself called in for a meeting. She has three designs in the game — the primary costume for new character Leixia, and the alternate costumes for Tira and Ivy.

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