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JAPAN: Harajuku Fashion & Art

Harajuku Fashion Walk “FUNtasy Halloween Night” Party Pictures. This year, the already-super-dressed-up-and-colorful Harajuku Fashion Walk crew threw a big bash called “FUNtasy Halloween Night” at club Milkyway in Shibuya. The event was supported by several popular Harajuku fashion brands, including Super Loves and Hyper Core. The quirky colorful J-rock band Broken Doll headlined the event. Other musical acts included Lancer>>Bee (whose singer is KERA model Ayumi Yamauchi) and Full House. The DJs for the night included ITARU (this guy has the most amazing two-tone hair you’ll ever see on a guy), Emuoka, and Asacho (the super-fun girls in the pumpkin costumes).- – lots more pics here

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