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How our favorite celebs, models & fashion designers dress for Halloween!

2007-Halloween-Bash-mary-kate-and-ashley-olsenAshley Olsen as Marie Antoinette and Marc Jacobs as a cheerleader in 2007

There is one day per year when it is acceptable to trot out your fallopian tube-inspired hat and dress like Bijork on crack. Yep, it’s Halloween. Some (lazy?) people are content with donning a black wig and calling themselves Morticia, but not this lot. THIS lot go all out to strike fear into revellers across the land with bonkers Darth Vader masks, ice skates and err, camel toes. God love them. So let’s take inspiration from the wacktacular costumes profiled herein courtesy of the stars, fashion designers and supermodels who’ve werked it for Halloweens gone by. Don’t forget to let us know who deserves a trick and who a treat…MWHAHAHA! – – view more Photos


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