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Canada’s F/W in Toronto..HOT

Toronto Fashion Week trends: furries

TORONTO FASHION WEEK | SEE ALL No doubt, fur is one of the markers of class, prestige, sophistication and what some fashion magazines refer to ad nauseam as “luxe living.” We’ve seen Muppet furs on pretty much everyone on the Internet, and now it’s time for Toronto to show just how “CanadaCool” it is by throwing on a utility vest with gorilla chest hair peeking out. If that’s too subdued for all you tastemakers, try a fun belted number made from bleached dreadlocks. Here are but five of the furs we saw last night (we counted up to 12), proving that nothing beats the cold like a soft, lush fur, draped inelegantly, as though the wearer had actually shot a Himalayan snow monster, bought Manic Panic hair dye, and turned it into this winter’s must-have vest.

Gallery: looks from Amanda Lew Kee’s all-grown-up spring/summer 2012

Amanda Lew Kee spring/summer 2012 (Images: Jenna Marie Wakani)

TORONTO FASHION WEEK | SEE ALL Check out all of the hits and misses from Amanda Lew Kee’s spring/summer 2012 show at Toronto Fashion Week, including visors, Toronto and New York–inspired prints and maxi dresses (see what the scene was like in our review). – – Read the rest of this entry »


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