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..if you Dare to Care

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Read Eric Wilson’s story in NY Times about Kanye West Fashion Story

kanye westEvery fashion week season, we avidly watch New York Times fashion writer Eric Wilson‘s show coverage—which, over four weeks, subtly shifts in tone from cheerful optimism at New York fashion week to hilarious deadpan tell-it-like-it-is-ism by the end of the Paris show schedule. In today’s Style section, Wilson takes on Kanye West‘s debut womenswear collection. With relish. Here are some of our favorite parts of Wilson’s story.

On Kanye West’s problems:

…[West] said he had taken out loans to hire the best models, designers and location.“I gave you everything that I had,” he said, one of his few printable remarks.

If that is true, Mr. West faces bigger obstacles in life than credit-card debt. – – follow this Story

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